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The Shifter's Heart Book 4
The Interpretation of Magic
One single dad wolf
One special needs son
One psychic young woman
One missing mother
One scary gang
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The Shifter's Heart
Books 1, 2, 3, and 3.5
Light Paranormal Romance
Action! Adventure! Magic!
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Coming July 12th:

The Lion's Heart: a new, exciting series based in the same world as the Shifter's Heart.

Welcome to tiny Freiberg, somewhere in the foothills of inland California. It's a bit dilapidated, a bit empty. Not much to recommend it.

Except the pride of lions that has its heart there.

Pre-order now: Hometown Pride

Kindle, KU, and paperback



Philippa Lodge is an office worker by day, reader by night, and author on the weekends.


She lives in California (though not one of the cool parts) with her husband, whatever kids (maximum of three) haven’t yet gone to college and/or moved out and/or are home for a pandemic, and two cats who probably don’t turn into humans, but who argue like hangry toddlers. Because her feet are old and her toes get cold, she wears socks with Birkenstocks inside, but (usually) not out of the house.