He’s mad at their lion-shifter pride. She’s mad at the world.

Half-human, half-lion librarian Angelica has lost almost everything. Her mom to cancer, her beloved boss to retirement, and what she thinks is her last chance to be a mother when her boyfriend dumps her for a younger, prettier lioness. She’s ready to leave her hometown lion pride which her selfish, power-hungry alpha has turned toxic.

Tremaine Jones, the pride’s handyman and pro-bono accountant, witnesses Angelica rage-quitting her job and realizes her scowling face is the main reason he’s been coming to the library several times a week. Her dissatisfaction is a microcosm of the trouble tearing their pride, and the small hometown that centers it, apart.

Tremaine is working on a plan for rebuilding which will now have to include his hopes of being the father of Angelica’s cubs – and maybe even her mate.

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