Memoirs of a Fox

Cassandra Beaton is not an action heroine.

Even in her fox and mockingbird forms, blood and violence make her light-headed. She's smart, strong, and driven to succeed, determined to care for her family and friends, and more than a little nerdy.


Tommy “Cat” Catelli is anything but helpless.

In college, he's the were-mountain lion who introduces Cass to the shapeshifter community she didn't know existed. He's the universally liked sports star. He's the one who flirts with Cass, leads her on, and dates other women – lots of other women, if rumor is right.


After college, though, he seeks Cass out and they date and marry. Yet each holds so much back from the other that Cass is sure their marriage is doomed.

In spite of – or maybe because of – Tommy's good looks and charm, scientists who want to study shapeshifters have targeted him, darted him, kidnapped him.


Maybe Cass is as much of an action heroine as she needs to be.

Wolf Knight

Shapeshifters are not paranoid. Someone really is out to get them.


Michael Grey is spending the summer sword fighting at Renaissance Faires while he looks for a new job in IT. His shifter wolf instincts and a lifetime of training with a sword are keeping him evenly matched with his rival.


Eloisa Woods, a veterinarian with magical healing powers and a gift for going unnoticed, is visiting her cousin the fortune teller at a Faire and comes face to face with Michael, whom she knows from college, at the sword fighting arena. The latent attraction from years before springs up hotter than ever.


With the existence of shapeshifters all over the news, it’s getting harder and harder to stay out of the public eye, especially when they come across a prominent fox shifter who has escaped kidnappers and been hit by a car.


Someone inside the FBI is helping the kidnappers.

Someone is getting desperate.

And there’s far more at stake than winning the tournament, especially with Eloisa's new kind of magic in the mix.

The Lives of Alex

Beth Ogden, a Ph.D. candidate researching the history and mythology of shapeshifters, receives an invitation and a grant to visit a shapeshifter commune in Wyoming for a couple of weeks. Even a visit from FBI asking her to take an agent along undercover as her assistant can’t dampen her enthusiasm.

Agent Alex Three Feathers is experienced in undercover work, but this time he’s working with his half-brother who hates him and trying to dig into the undercurrents of killer cult in the shifter commune. He certainly doesn’t need the distraction of Beth, whose endless enthusiasm and flightiness counteract the cynicism he needs to do his job.

As the ugly underbelly of the commune shows through, magic and shifters and the FBI will have to combine to save the young, the weak, and the innocent, but also to reignite Alex's own enthusiasm and innocence.

Christmas Spirit

a2 + b2 = c2

   That makes perfect sense to Annabelle, new to her tenure-track position as a math professor at the small college where her ancestor taught a century and a half before.

ancestral home + ghost = impossible

She's never believed in any of that woo-woo stuff, but the things that go bump in the night and the intense dreams are driving her crazy. When Annabelle's handsome history professor neighbor, Chris, returns from sabbatical, the ghost invites all her memories and throws a Christmas party in the living room.

   With her agoraphobic great-great-grandmother rocking in an antique chair, Annabelle needs Chris to help convince a pushy, would-be suitor and her department chair that she's not crazy or lying. If Annabelle and Chris solve the mystery of the ghost's untimely death and track down her other descendants, they might be able to ease the ghost's pain in time to ring in the New Year together.

Christmas Spirit is a Christmas Ghost Story Romance novella, originally published in 2013. To be republished Fall 2019.

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