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Whatever happened to Cass's cousin Pete?

A lot. A lot happened. And now he's moving home with his young son and a mountain of grief. Right from day one in his new house, he's tossed into contact with the neighborhood shifters and their friends, including Joy, the paralegal from Interpretation of Magic. And together, they're trying to unravel the mysteries of the birth mother who abandoned Cass in a hospital 40-some years before.

Memoirs ebook 1.jpg

Memoirs of a Fox

A nerdy fox-shifter meets a hot jock

Part One: We met in college and he, a mountain lion shifter, was my link to the secret world of shapeshifters. I crushed on him hard and it looked like he might be interested in me, but it never happened. When danger came, I flew to his rescue. After a one night hook-up, he left and broke my heart.

Part Two: A few years later, he showed up at my door, looking for forever. I decided to trust him – mostly. Our marriage became strained and we were painfully distant when he disappeared. To get him back, I’d risk everything, including the continued secrecy of every shapeshifter everywhere.

Wolf Knight ebook.jpg

The Wolf Knight's Tale

​A knight meets a witch

Michael Grey, IT guy and wolf shifter, is working for his uncle, sword fighting at Renaissance Faires. On a blazing hot fall day in Central California, he spots a woman he didn’t expect to see again.


Eloisa Woods, vet resident and magical healer, is visiting her fortuneteller cousin at a Ren Faire and comes face to face with the man from a college French class whom she always wondered about.


Coincidence and premonition put them in the right place to save a prominent fox shifter’s life, throwing them into the path of an anti-shifter hate group.


Worse: someone inside the FBI is helping the group.


There’s far more at stake than winning sword fights.

Origins ebook.jpg

On the Origin of Shifters

A big, bad wolf meets an innocent grad student

Beth Ogden has lists and notebooks and transcriptions and scans and years of work toward her PhD in History. She’s preparing to go to a shifter commune to do more research when she’s asked to take an undercover FBI agent along as her assistant. An attractive, intriguing FBI agent.

There are warning signs that the peaceful, spiritual commune is turning into something more sinister.

Agent Alex Three Feathers, half wolf shifter, half bobcat shifter, all jaded, slips into his role as research assistant, but wishes his undercover days were over. He’s being considered for a role in the FBI’s Shifter Task Force, but there are a few problems:
1) His half-brother and liaison for this assignment is already on the task force,
2) They hate each other,
3) He has to survive this commune that’s a hair trigger away from exploding in his face,
4) He’s falling for Beth, who’s likely to get herself killed through her naïveté.

Christmas Spirit ebook.jpg

Christmas Spirit

A math professor meets her great-grandmother's ghost

Dr. Annabelle Smith is new to her tenure-track position in the math department at the small college where her great-great-grandfather taught more than a century before. She's years away from being tenured faculty and has to be the perfect professor in all ways, considering the tight, unforgiving university job market.

She definitely doesn't believe in ghosts, but ever since she bought her ancestors' farmhouse, intense dreams have plagued her.

When her attractive history professor neighbor, Chris, returns from sabbatical, the ghost invites all her memories and throws a Christmas party in the living room.

The ghost wants to know what happened to her son.
Chris wants Annabelle.
Annabelle wants to keep her job AND Chris.

Christmas Spirit is a Christmas Ghost Story Romance novella, originally published in 2013 by Musa Publishing.

Interpretation ebook.jpg

The Interpretation of Magic


  • One single dad wolf shifter: Andrew Miller’s long career as top FBI agent was already threatened once shifters went public and anti-shifter backlash began.

  • One wolf shifter pup: Andrew has custody of his five-year-old, autism-spectrum son. Now he’s juggling school and daycare for a grieving boy and can no longer devote his entire life to the FBI’s Shifter Task Force.

  • One psychic woman: Delilah Woods is back in college at twenty-nine, working toward a psychology degree while answering phones for her mom’s business.

  • One missing mother: Serena Woods, gifted with forensic accounting magic, drops off an embezzlement report with a client, then drops off the map.

  • One scary gang: Delilah doesn’t know if her mom’s in hiding from mobsters or being hidden by magical means. All she has to go on are tarot cards and intuition. She feels alone, but she can sense Andrew Miller’s desire for justice and for protection…and for her.

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