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Contemporary Romance



British Invasion.

Rock and Roll.

Mattie Wood loves oldies - like, really old oldies. They​ sing to her soul in a way that current music can't compete with. She is out of step with today, and trying to fit in at her tiny college lost in the hills and trees of Ohio. 

 Chill: Mattie heard it through the grapevine that her college boyfriend is cheating and she turns to her friends for comfort. Mattie is "Nice" and Mike needs her sweetness, but craves her tartness. Abby and Steve learn they have more together than just being good in bed. Drew twists his heart up to help Tom come out the closet. Oldies provide the soundtrack of love, hope, heartbreak, and dancing in the street. CW: PTSD, disordered eating, homophobia, ADHD, dyslexia, sex, violence

Chill is complete on Kindle Vella, the Amazon serialized reading site. The first three chapters are free and the rest of the "episodes" unlock with (inexpensive) tokens.

Read it, give it a thumbs up, and enjoy!








Hot Rocks : Henry "Pinky" Pinkerton IV, watched his friends fall in love all spring. This summer, he's crushing on a lively young woman and means to woo her. Instead, he noticed how geeky, snarky Katelynn might be the right person for him. Mattie and Mike hit a rough patch when secrets come out. Abby and Steve are barely coping. And Drew is holding on tight as Tom's family overreacts to the news about his sexuality. CW: depression, anxiety, disordered eating, homophobia, racism, ableism, drug overdose


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Beatrice and the Houseplants


He's into plants and quiet nights at home.

She's into brash, outgoing men and noisy dance clubs.


He's drawn to her brains, protectiveness, liveliness, and cookies.

She's drawn to his brains, decency, sensuality, and naivete.

Can she overlook his sad tendency to talk about fertilizer and his rich, refined family?

Can he overlook her footloose past and how she might only like him for his money?

Can they dig deeper and plant the seeds of love?

Currently being released a few episodes at a time on Kindle Vella!

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