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Mattie Wood loves oldies - like, really old oldies. They​ sing to her soul in a way that current music can't compete with. She is out of step with today, and trying to fit in at her tiny college lost in the hills and trees of Ohio. 

 Chill is based on the soundtrack to The Big Chill, dancing through fourteen retro songs as it tells the story of Mattie and her best friends. She's struggling with the persona she built out of the shambles of her childhood and with the anxiety of paying her own way through a small, expensive college with scholarships and heaps of loans and hard work. She's also struggling with how to find a nice young man to date while she watches her best friends, the only people who really know her, meet new guys and fall in love.

I'm currently publishing Chill on Kindle Vella, the Amazon serialized reading site. The first three chapters are free and the rest of the "episodes" unlock with (inexpensive) tokens.

Read it, give it a thumbs up, and enjoy!








Coming in July/August 2022:

Hot Rocks takes us to a harder place, where reality sets in, relationships are tested, and the Rolling Stones tell Mattie and her friends to paint it black as they struggle with their pasts, their present problems, and with love.

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Harriet and Ron


He's into plants and quiet nights at home.

She's into brash, outgoing men and noisy dance clubs.


He's drawn to her brains, protectiveness, liveliness, and cookies.

She's drawn to his brains, decency, sensuality, and naivete.

Can she overlook his sad tendency to talk about fertilizer and his rich, refined family?

Can he overlook her footloose past and how she might only like him for his money?

Can they dig deeper and plant the seeds of love?

Harriet and Ron (besides needing a new title), is currently in editing.