Greatest Hits

Chick Lit / Contemporary New Adult Romance



British Invasion.

Rock and Roll.

Mattie Wood loves oldies. They​ sing to her soul in a way that current music can't compete with. She is out of step with today, and trying to fit in at her tiny college lost in the hills and trees of Ohio. 

   Chill is based on the soundtrack to The Big Chill, dancing through fourteen retro songs as it tells the story of Mattie and her best friends. She's struggling with the persona she built out of the shambles of her childhood and with the anxiety of paying her own way through a small, expensive college with scholarships and heaps of loans and hard work. She's also struggling with how to find a nice young man to date while she watches her best friends, the only people who really know her, meet new guys and fall in love.

   Hot Rocks takes us to a harder place, where reality sets in, relationships are tested, and the Rolling Stones tell Mattie and her friends to paint it black as they struggle with their pasts, their present problems, and with love.

The Greatest Hits books are currently in various writing/editing/querying states. If you're an agent or editor and want to take a look at them, please contact me!

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